Advice for people creating a brand.

Hey! I'm Kelly. I've been creating lifestyle brands people love since 2009. Over the last decade my passion for helping people build their own brand and explore their innovative ideas. I mentor individuals all over the globe, helping them believe in themselves to pursue what they love and make a living while doing it. My creative endeavors include writing an award-winning lifestyle blog, being invited to speak at the Facebook Small Business Conference, interviewing with The Huffington Post, and fulfilling the roles as creative director and marketing director. I also host my show Advice for People Creating a Brand. Now, I'm teaching you everything I know. Learn more about me.

Overwhelmed creating a brand on your own?! 

I created a membership to mentor people who are creating a brand. I give you simplified, organized, and actionable behind-the-scenes support to build your brand—all in one curated and helpful place.

If you've been *struggling* starting your brand, feeling overwhelmed with advice on the internet, have a growing list of all the things you 'should be' doing, not sure where to focus, struggling to find time or feeling creative to work on your own brand, being hard on yourself, overthinking what to do next, the idea of posting content and marketing is stressful... but you'd LOVE to create a brand that you feel confident about? I made this mentoring membership literally for you.

You have so many cool ideas for a brand but you don't know where to start.

But creating them into a brand you're proud of? That's where the overwhelm comes in.

You know have something valuable to share with the world—but all of the marketing, content creation, and selling it takes to bring your idea to life can shatter your confidence and stop you in your tracks. Imposter syndrome creeps in strong, and you’re convinced every creative on the planet besides you has their shit together.

Sound like an all-too-familiar story?

Welcome to the creative loop, friend. I want to help you unravel it.

We all go through the struggle and stress of creating something new (especially our own brand)—but with some actionable steps, personal encouragement, and proven expertise on your side, building the brand you’re dreaming about in a way that works for you becomes so much more manageable.

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Mentoring Membership

Access to my step-by-step guide to create a brand, live workshops, group calls, and personal advice! Seriously this is the best deal.

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You need a mentor who’s been there, been through it, and built brands with longevity. I’d love to become yours!

My mentoring program gives you the simplified support and time-saving tools you need to execute with ease, feel the momentum in a major way, and get shit done without stress and spinning your wheels.

As someone who’s built an award-winning blog, personal brand, podcast, and business—and spent over a decade helping thousands of creatives like you do the same—there’s nothing I love more than making the process of bringing your ideas to life simple, encouraging, and actionable.

Every week through my digital mentorship program—I share easy-to-implement steps and helpful tutorials in one simplified, organized spot. From marketing made manageable to creating engaging content—we cover it all with an accessible approach that doesn't break the bank or overwhelm your brain.

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No more countless hours spent going down the Google rabbit hole and wasting money on random courses

I’ve organized and simplified the sanity-saving steps and time-saving tutorials you need to avoid burnout, build your brand in a way that’s true to you, and bring your ideas to life—in one welcoming place. Gain access to the entire digital tutorial library—plus high-impact one-on-one support from me every single month—for just $197 monthly (worth $400+ a month in services)

Within one week of joining and following my step-by-step guide, you will feel a serious shift.

Join my membership and get access to:

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Brand ($697 value)
  • Live workshop ($147 value)
  • Group call with members to connect
  • Text me your questions about your brand! 
  • 1-on-1 call with me to give you personal advice & strategy to create your brand! ($97 value)
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3 ways my mentoring membership will help you create a brand!

  • Simplifying the process - With over a decade of experience creating lifestyle brands, I simplified the steps to create a brand that you'll love.
  • Personal advice unique to you - Are you overwhelmed with a growing list of what you 'should be' doing or googling random advice and getting 20 different answers? I give you personal advice that works uniquely for y
  • Community support - Connect with really cool people in my membership program who's on a similar path as yourself. It can feel weird and lonely at times. We got you!
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Q: When is the right time to join?

If you have journals full of ideas or already starting creating your brand, this membership is perfect for someone in the early stages of creating their brand.

Q: Do I need to launch my brand or know my niche before joining?

Nope! I will support you with a step-by-step guide and personal advice to create, launch, and grow your brand

Q: What will I learn?

You'll learn how to create your brand. From your brand identity, brand experience, content, marketing, to building systems that work best for you to grow a sustainable, independent brand for yourself.

Q: How does it work?

Once you sign up, you get access to everything! My step-by-step guide to create a brand, group calls, live workshop, texting with me, and 1-on-1 call every month. This is a membership that renews every month to make your life easier ; )


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Host of 'Advice for People Creating a Brand' 

Every day I release a new episode of 'Advice for People Creating a Brand'. Tune in as I share advice for people creating a brand and interviewing cool people who created brands that you'll love.

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Supporting the person behind the brand.

There's a lot on your plate and we can all use some encourage to keep going. Join my text community for random notes of encouragement from me! I'll also let you know about new show episodes and anything else you'd love ; )

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