Hey! I'm Kelly.

My pronouns are she/they and I’m so glad you found me. I can’t wait to help you create a brand!

I’ve spent the past decade helping creatives like you tap into clarity and build a cohesive brand from the ideas bouncing around in your brain all day—and there is nothing on this planet I love more. I’m here to help you pull all of the pieces together, stop second-guessing yourself, and transform your lived experiences and creative passions into the brand you always wished you had.

What do I know about the creative struggle? Way too much.

I've built an award-winning blog, earned three degrees (in marketing, international business, and psychology), had a Huffington Post feature, television publicity, and Vegas Magazine’s named me as a thought leader….but a much more important piece of my journey is everything I didn’t have.

Just like you, I’ve been through the struggle and stress of faking it ‘til you make it, feeling convinced I wasn’t smart enough, extremely overwhelmed, anxious, and spinning my wheels with no clear end in sight and no support to see me through.

I was put in a special reading class in Kindergarten. I pretended to need glasses because I was embarrassed of the fact I couldn’t read (turns out, I’m dyslexic). And—my high-school guidance counselor told me to stop applying to college because I’d never get in.

But, through it all, my creative ideas never stopped. I knew I had something to share with the world and eventually—through trial-and-error and plenty of 'What in the fuck am I doing?' tears—I became the introvert with dyslexia and no professional video, writing, or photography training who managed to launch award-winning brands and amazing online communities with nothing but an iPhone in my hand and the belief in my soul that my ideas were worth sharing.

And here’s the thing—yours are, too.

Right now I'm moving from my sunny Downtown Las Vegas apartment to come home to New York.

I love the incredibly supportive community around me online and IRL Being a queer person, my dream since I was 18 years to build my own brand, independence, and financially support myself. And I'm sharing each step of how I'm doing it with you!

Here’s how it all went down.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t listen to my guidance counselor (thank you Universe!) and went ahead and applied for college anyways. I had a vision to build brands making an impact, and nothing was going to stop me. By 2009, I had graduated with a handful of degrees and a deep desire to make a difference in the world—but no idea how to do it.

I followed my passion for building brands, creative communities and creating content (despite having no professional photography or writing skills) and decided to power through and go for it (what was the worst that could happen?!). I eventually went on to use social media to build everything from an award-winning lifestyle blog and an acclaimed community-based vegan restaurant—to the first residential urban farm in New York City and marketing for a city block in Downtown Las Vegas—figuring it all out as I went along.

All of this led to more publicity than I ever imagined possible. Facebook called me (yes, on the phone!) and asked me to speak about my struggles and the brands I’d built at their featured small businesses event. Then came the media features and television publicity—but none of it compares to the reward I get from helping creatives like you.

I’ve since taken everything I’ve learned from my eleven years as a brand-builder and distilled it into a simple, actionable mentorship program designed to support and uplift creatives like you. I want you to learn from my mistakes rather than having to make them on your own, and have access to all of the support and strategy I didn’t when I was in your shoes.

Today, my passion is helping you create a brand. I love nothing more than teaching you how to launch, grow, share, sell, and see through your ideas with intention.

Tell me more!