That awkward in-between dreams

Season #1

Hey! It's been a minute since I recorded a new episode. I recently moved out of my apartment, sold all my stuff, launched a small business incubator, and on my way to move NYC. In this episode I share behind the scenes about taking leaps, being in that awkward in-between dreams, and things that help me when I'm in the space.

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Kelly Bennett and I am so excited to get back into podcasting. I have been in the midst of moving, I moved out of my apartment in downtown Las Vegas. And I am heading back home to New York, especially in New York City. And I've just been in this in between dreams stage. And so I took a pause off of my podcast. But I'm getting back into it, I really want to challenge myself this week. And also I'm going to start with this week and not get too ahead of myself. But my goal is really to create more content than I'm consuming. So this week, whenever I feel like I'm just scrolling, and you know, not really putting a lot of energy into actually creating content, I'm going to create a podcast episode. So I thought it would be a cool experiment to try this podcast, and upload a new episode each day so that you could start your morning with me as you wake up and work on your small business. Or if you have a lunch break that you could work on your small business or at night when everyone's asleep. And that's when you have time that you have a podcast to go to to just give you that motivation and that consistency and that kick in the pants to be like, Okay, I got this. And that's what I'm experimenting with. So I also recently edited the name of this podcast to advice for people creating a small business. Because what I've realized is I do talk a lot about brand, but I want to talk more holistically about building a small business that a brand obviously is a big part of it. But what I'm finding is that there are so many people who are so talented makers, artists creatives, but the biggest struggle is really the marketing and sales. And that, for me is something that I do have experience in, you know, being in small business for over 12 years, being an entrepreneur, building small businesses, and really teaching more of like how to build the business side of it, right? Because I feel like if people had the choice, and they had the tools, more people would feel confident in building our small business and taking those leaps and, and doing what they've always really wanted to do. So that's the edit that I've made. And I also last week launched my, um, so it's so exciting. I launched a small business incubator, because again, I went to school for business, I've traveled the world learning about business. I've been building businesses for 12 years. And it's it's an A dream that I've had for so long. And it actually makes me a little like tongue tied, talking about it, because I'm like, so excited about it. But I'll be honest, I was really nervous, like, Do I know enough? And, you know, am I good enough to do this, and I had to just be like, Kelly, you fucking know your shit. And you are good at what you do. And you absolutely can help people build their small business. And it's time to go fucking for it. And I again, I'm in this in between dreams of taking a leap of leaving my really cute apartment that I absolutely loved. And it was beautifully curated. And I literally sold all my things on Instagram stories. And I right now I'm staying at my mom's house with four dogs. And you know, it's just so not my usual of how I am, I'm usually you know, in my, in my own world, and I'm very much to myself and having a quiet space. But that's just not where I am right now. Like, actually physically. But I knew that I needed to take a leap I needed to shake shit up. I was I did a lot of work locally, in downtown Las Vegas, helping build small businesses and I really built an incredible community of people around me who've absolutely helped me in my new business. And I feel like I did a lot I've learned a lot of fucked up as well and working on doing better. And I I really wanted to I wanted a new challenge. I was feeling a little too comfortable. And I know so many people like they enjoy feeling comfort. No disrespect to anyone who likes that feeling. But for me, I love a good challenge. I love to push myself I love to see what I could do next. I love working hard on what I believe in and taking that step and building that momentum and I felt like there was something inside of me that needed to be created that I just hadn't taken that risk and leave And I didn't know exactly what it's going to look like and how it was going to happen, but I knew it was in the midst of happening.

So I left my apartment on July 31, I found a really nice person to take over my lease. And I've been figuring it out. So I, I really want to encourage people, they don't have to sell all their things and move out of their apartment and, you know, move across the country and start a new business like I am. It's definitely not for everyone. But what I want to encourage people is, what does work for you? Like, what gets you excited? What, what makes you want to get up out of bed and start working on your passion? Who do you want to work with? What is the vision, the big vision that you're working on? Like, just getting that clarity, I feel so powerful. And we're not really brought up in a society to, to really encourage people to find that for themselves. Like, there's still a lot of stuff that is like cookie cutter projected on us.

I think there's definitely been a lot of progress over the years. Like when I first started 12 years ago with a blog and told people I want to create my own small business online, like they looked at me like I had 10 heads, right. So things have definitely changed. But I definitely definitely feel like we have a lot more to go. And that's, that's really what I want to encourage you of what is exciting to you. What do you want to do? Like, where do you want to focus, and just getting some clarity around that and building some sort of practice to help you with that consistency, I think a lot of it comes down to consistently showing up. And it's not being perfect when you show up. And it's not being you know, the end all be all in that thing. But it's showing up as yourself and consistently working on something that you genuinely believe in, and how can you break that big dream into smaller steps, so that you can start doing it and you could start feeling it and testing it and tasting it and experimenting and bringing people on the ride with you. That has always been my style of creating and I have gone so far with it. But again, I felt like I needed to shake shit up to really get to this next step of what I'm building. Also to I am my big big dream is to build a show and have this platform kind of like my own QVC channel, that I'm able to interview small businesses share behind the scenes of building a small business and really help them sell and market themselves so that they can grow their small business. And I get hit up all the time from people who want to shop small businesses, but aren't, you know, the there is definitely still a disconnect of finding those small businesses to shop. And so really connecting consumers to those small businesses. And one of the things I'm starting to do is a new series on Instagram on lives called behind the small business where I interview small business owners, we talk about their business, how they got started, what they you know, want to create into this world and really hone in on a product that they're selling and launching to help people understand it and hopefully shock that small business. So that for me is building up to what I really want. Also, I started having one of my clients who's a member of my small business incubator, Veronica Torres Miller, selling her candles on my site. They're beautiful hand painted candles that were actually inspired by my previous apartment. And they're beautiful, abstract designs, and they're gorgeous. Now you could shop them on my site. So again, that's me building out my bigger vision. I also launched my tech platform with daily advice that you could get texted directly to you with that next step of how you can build that inner self confidence as you're building your small business, even if it's ideas on a notebook. But it's just building that momentum, building that consistency. Having that encouragement, I text back with people. So I finally got that up and out. I also launched a guides program where you could subscribe to my guides and you get a library of guides I've created and then each month I come out with a new guide. And it's step by step advice on building a small business.

And not too was a good solution for people who are like googling and kind of guessing and feeling overwhelmed with all the advice on the internet. You have curated advice for each step of the way. So I launched that Then I launched my workshop series that each week I have a new workshop where I teach people how to build their small business and really deep dive in the nuances of it. And again, having people to put that time and place on their calendar. It's online, to show up and to work with me and ask questions and be, you know, in a community call with other people who are on the same path. Like, that's really cool. So I launched that as well. And then q&a, which is a call with me to answer all your personal questions. And then on Thursday, I launched my small business incubator, that was all floating around in my head for a really fucking long time. And it feels really good to even be able to articulate that. And that, to me is like, a deep exhale. And that's what I love doing for other people, too. Oh, also, I started writing a book, which, as someone who's just dyslexic with reading disabilities, I never thought I would say those words.

I found a workaround that, as I'm creating all my video content, I'm transcribing all of my videos. And I am writing a book, which is really cool to fuckin say. And that's how I'm working around it. Because if I just sat down and literally wrote, it would be probably in 50 years that I would have a book, but this way, I'm able to transcribe my advice and make it into a book. So that's really exciting. That's again, a bigger, a bigger vision that I have. And I'm just allowing myself to share that like, yeah, I'm in between. and, you know, I haven't been doing as much video because I'm not in my house. And it's loud where I'm at. And like, my internet is not that great. But I'm working around it. And so I'm gonna lean more into podcasting, because I could just put in my headset, I use the anchor app on my phone. And then I have a podcast episode. So again, I'm just getting creative of how I can work around in this time, so I can consistently show up. And I hope that me doing so helps you just tune into what works for you. What can you start now? How can you take that next step, and get that support that you honestly deserve to bring it to life and make make it happen? Um, yeah, I just thank you again, for listening. And thank you for being here. And I look forward to starting my days with you. I see this as like a good podcast to put in your ears while you're taking your morning walk. And you know, opening up your computer and you're getting pumped up for the day ahead. I hope that this podcast share some insights and helps you just feel really supported during it. When you're a small business owner, entrepreneur, creative. A really can be lonely, and it's a lot of inner shit that comes up when you're doing it. So my intention is to be that person in your life who sees you and who gets you and who encourages you and who answers your questions and helps you figure out what's best for you and how you personally could get there. That's what I love, love, love doing. And I'm just stoked that I get to wake up and do that. It's literally a dream come true. So that's my check in again, I'm going to challenge myself this week to record a new episode a day. And let's see how that goes. If you have any questions that you want me to answer, because the name of this podcast is advice for people creating a small business, shoot me a DM or an email, whatever works for you, if you're on my text platform, send me a text. You could also join my text platform, I send out a weekly tax of a small business that you could shop and an interview and some helpful advice for creating your own small business. So all the information is in the show notes. And I deeply deeply appreciate you for listening. I know there's so many places that you can be having your attention right now. And I deeply appreciate you spending this 14 minutes with me. And I look forward to doing this. I'm really honing in on my podcast. I've been testing this idea on and off for so long and it feels really good to just double down and practice what I preach and give it more of my attention. So that's it for now. Thank you again for listening and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye