Behind the small business with Veronica Torres-Miller

Aug 22, 2021

Veronica is one of the most creative, inspiring humans I know. She's inspired by vintage, her South American heritage, slow living & nature.

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PS. Shop the 'Kelly' candle here!


Hi, everyone, it's Kelly Bennett and I am so excited to interview Veronica Torres Miller today, who's a local maker artists here in Las Vegas. She's also a member of my mentoring program. And today she has a pop up shop happening on Instagram. I'm so excited because she does these really beautiful hand painted planters and candles. I have my candle here. And they're so beautiful. And I'm so excited to talk to Veronica and hear her inspiration. And kids do it. You could shop her page today, which is really exciting. And I'm going to add her on right now.


Kelly Bennett 0:57
Yeah, me too. This is so cool. So I wanted to first give a little sneak peek of my candles that you hand painted, which is just so cool. And I'm obsessed with these. But before we jump too much into it, I would love if you could anyone who's watching who's new to your work, just give us a little bit of the who you are and what you do.

Veronica Torres Miller 1:24
Well, I'm Veronica, originally from Argentina, I lived in Las Vegas for a long time. So I've seen all the growing that the city has done in the last few years. I am a maker I love to make things with my hands. And I also have a little company a little business that rents vintage furniture. And I'm always inspired by vintage. I'm also inspired by where I come from, from South America. So there's a little bit of everything like, like my little bit of different parts of my life, which I love. And I feel like that is one of the things that makes your brand unique because you are pulling from all different inspiration. And everything that you do what is really consistent is that there's this personal touch to it. Like this, for example is the tag of the candle. And Veronica Han painted this tag, like it's a beautiful tag.

Kelly Bennett 2:33
And Veronica had paints her business cards, like all those little things I you put so much care into the little details where a lot of people can maybe overlook or not think about but you're such a curator to have a brand experience, which I'm always so passionate of teaching other makers and artists on. It's the little things that really help create a feeling any unique vibe, honestly, for a brand. And you really do that. So just want to give you a shout out for that too. Yeah, yeah.

Veronica Torres Miller 3:08
I love it. So today is really exciting. You are launching a pop up shop on Instagram stories where people can shop your products, which is so cool. I'm so proud of you. So could you walk us through how it's gonna work today? Well, I I'm gonna do what I've already uploaded all the products on my stories.


Kelly Bennett 3:50
Perfect. So it's really easy. We are doing things simple. So basically, Veronica already uploaded items. Like I you have another pair of these, right? Yeah, they're the Kelly. They're similar. They're not exactly the same because they're called the Kelly candles and they will be called the Kelly candles forever.

Kelly Bennett 4:11
I'm so honored. These are so cool. So you buy by your apartment. So yeah, I love it. I love it. I am so so grateful. So can you walk us through also, what is different about how you are painting everything because I think that is really cool. Not that many people are doing this as far as hand painting candles. So can you tell us a little bit more of how you do this? Well, I get inspired by some visual Sunday that I found around me or that I look for artists or you

Veronica Torres Miller 5:00
I got inspired by the color story in your apartment. So I love it. And I thought about you and your style so I thought those would go perfectly with your apartment and the yellow ones like the tropical one that I have here like I thought the yellow with the with the red candle would it was giving me that by tropical flower so that I painted with Philippe non toxic and they they burn the designs disappear as the candle burns, so I thought there was something that will last forever but was does. It gives you joy. I I really love that, Veronica. I never thought of it like that. Yeah, you really enjoy it while it's happening. Yeah, I know. It's not gonna last forever. Yeah. Yeah. So that's really cool. Yeah. And then also to you have planters. Yes, I do. I have some here see rose, just so he there's one here. I was inspired. They're all different styles. So I was experimenting. But this one is inspired by like classical piano painting. So I thought that would be cute to do.


Veronica Torres Miller 6:48
if you're local out, you can come pick up the planter with the plant. And then if I ship it, I will ship it without the plant because I don't want the plants today in the on the way to wherever you're at.

Kelly Bennett 7:07
I love it. And can you give us a sneak peek of any other ones you have? 

Veronica Torres Miller 7:15
So I have this shape. Cute. more modern looking. Yeah, experiment with colors like the this mix of colors that I don't eat. But I thought they would look cute. I'm inspired by by the pot itself. This is a more modern shape and the cement this letting them speak to me. And then this one I was looking at then I was like white and blue and was thinking of the ocean. So all that inspired this one. That is beautiful. Cute little tiny. Love that one. Yeah, so yep, flowers and birds. What's better than that? I love it. I love it. So this is really fun. Now everything is on your Instagram stories you all people have to do is go through your Instagram stories, DMU souls, and then you let them confirm that it's available. And then they could send you Venmo or PayPal. If they're local, they could come pick it up. And if they're not local, then you'll confirm the shipping and then you'll send it out the shipping. I set a $5 flat shipping. So in the United States, we'll talk about shipping. I'll calculate it and then

Kelly Bennett 8:53
Okay, so that's easy peasy. We could do that. I love it. And as far as you as an artist because you're what I love about you is that you're always evolving and shifting and staying curious. So what has really inspired you lately with your creativity?

Veronica Torres Mille9:13
I think what inspires me is just the experimenting itself already like I like to see how far I can go and the nature in general. I just love my environment. I love to create my environment from there, create things and my life in my even my daughter was a teenager fires me how she's changing how that changes need to. So on is so beautiful.

Kelly Bennett 9:53
I love that Veronica. And I think it's really cool because with your creativity, you're always creating something

Veronica Torres Miller 10:00
I love about you, you're always painting something or like doing something. And it comes from such a genuine place. And it comes from such a true honest place of this. This is how you express yourself like, this is how you get your voice out. And this is how you get your point of view out. And I think that's so important for us to support artists and makers and small business owners because we are supporting creative living, and we're supporting people who are creating their own path and not going down just like the typical way of what you thought you had to live or were told you had to live. I think it makes such more of a impact to just that we can support other creative people so that they can create more art in the world and more beauty into the world. And your art for me always inspires me to like slow down a little bit. And take a little breather and just enjoy the little things and the new ones. And just like the simple beauty of things like yeah, obviously, these candles really are just so stunning and really inspire me. Yeah. And that's the best thing you can tell me because I, especially after the pandemic, I think I've been more inspired about little things about home, and what's in the backyard and what can be found in a little pond of water. I mean, like things that are like little that are every day that help you look at things in a different way. So that what you're saying, perfect.

Kelly Bennett 11:47
Only feel that I genuinely feel that this is so cool, Veronica, I'm so proud of you. I am so inspired by you, and just congratulations on experimenting, a new way to share your art and your creativity with all of us. I'm really, really proud of you. Thank you so much. And thank you for helping me I mean, I don't think I could have done that. You're like holding my hand. My pleasure. Honestly, you inspired me so much. Because I really want to work on this idea of curating more online shopping experiences with all the amazing makers and artists, small business owners creatives that I work with. And you really inspired me to say, No, I can't connect these dots like this, I could do something like this. So thank you for inspiring my creativity as well. This is kind of the first of the series that I'm kind of brewing. So I appreciate you for supporting me as well. I'm so excited and I want to be first and you're always, always, always, always always. So thank you again, everyone who's tuned in anyone who's watching the replay. Go to Veronica's Instagram right now. It's Veronica Torres Miller. And you could shop all these beautiful hand painted candles and planters and just the coolest, creative attention to detail things that you'll get. So thank you again, Veronica, I appreciate you so much. You Kelly. You're welcome. Alright, I'll talk to you later. Bye bye.

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