Behind the small business with Marianne Ro

Aug 21, 2021

Loved interviewing Marianne_Ro for my new series talking with people behind the brand I've worked with. Two years ago while curating a market in Downtown Las Vegas, I remember coming across Marianne_Ro's vendor application and was blown away by her work! Listen to Marianne_Ro's story, inspiration of her Mexican roots, and what she's excited about working on now. And get a sneak peek of her new yarn art portrait. Spoiler alert, it's amazing!

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Kelly Bennett 0:00
We're back, talking with Maryann row, who is a local Las Vegas artist and maker from Mexico originally and has been living in Las Vegas for the last four years. And I actually met her while curating a market here in Las Vegas. And I had no idea I just learned that that was her first market selling her products. And just amazing, so I'm gonna wait for her to rejoin. And then we will continue the conversation. I always love going live and having these live interactions. But sometimes when the internet or Instagram glitches out, it is annoying, but we're making it work. Let me just wait for her to come back on. Thank you so much for watching live, I really appreciate it. This is a new series that I'm curating, featuring everyone that I've worked with in the past or currently working with all the brands who I think are really cool. And I feel like you would really like them to and then you can shop their brand. So that's the goal. Okay, let me add on. Alright, and hopefully, Instagram, internet, okay, we're high. I don't know what happened. And maybe, you know, I love the internet. And I love doing loves. And then every once in a while it does something I'm like, Yeah, but you're back. I'm really happy to see. Okay, cool. So in around 2018, you were saying that's when you started selling your products at a market, which was one of the curators of and that's how we connected and like I was saying, your products, and just the texture and the colors and the curation, it was so cool. And then you were sharing about how you started your products, because anyone not knowing you have a really unique collection of textiles that you use. Like I don't know, anybody else who's using the textiles you use in the same way and the same product mix, which is really interesting. So if you could give us a little sneak peek of like, how did you come to this? And like yarn and ceramics. It's really cool. So how did that happen?

Marianne Ro 2:25
So when I was studying art, I started doing all these young paintings. I was totally inspired by this indigenous people in Mexico vehicle, which are less, and they have a really, really beautiful way to see life. And they do ceremonies in the desert. And there are this amazing they use beads. They use these beads and yarns. And they do these type of jumping things but with their own symbology. And they they were the ones who are inspiring me. And they keep inspiring me because they are so colorful, full of live symbologies. And mostly is about nature. And every single symbol that they put in their art, it means something so everything comes together in one piece. So I basically took their let's say I use different jargon them because they use a really big one. And they use B big to Big B wax to glue on the panels because they use also wood wood panels to put glue on them. And I was I'm just I admire him so much. I'm like, I think this is the way I want to start, like find my own representation of why they do without copying, obviously. Right? Yeah, and this is how you started, I started making something totally different than I'm making right now. But using yarn. Because Yeah, because then 12 years ago, I was a completely different woman. I was going through some different situations in my life. So obviously, you do what you're like living and that right moment, right? Totally. My work is very different than 10 years ago, but I started working with that. I think is more it was in 2008 I think Oh, yeah. Yeah, 13 years ago. Yeah. So I started while ago, but I stopped doing it because you know, my past I was doing a completely different thing. And I was just stuck. Like I have all these images in my head like and creation like I need to just take this out of my head and yes, making it something that I can see and touch. So that's Holly making all these jumping things.

Kelly Bennett 4:59
Do you have any Your urine paintings close by that you

Marianne Ro 5:02
could show us. Oh, I have the I just got. I'm so lucky that I have sold most of them. But I have one is I just don't want maybe I can show the one that I don't this is hormone B. This was I made this in two. And then April 2019. And this is all wool john. This is not cotton. And this is hand dyed. and Mexico by artisan sent last color is a town close to my, my hometown. Yeah, well, gorgeous. How long does that take you to make? I noticed it's funny because I, I started like counting my hours after this piece. Because I was so intricate. I yeah, it is it takes a while I guess like maybe about that. One is was It was long, maybe like, four hours?

Kelly Bennett 6:13
And that's what's so unique too about your work, the way that you align your colors and like the the texture and the curves of your work. It's so meticulous and beautiful. And your attention to detail is just really incredible. Thank you. Okay. Yeah, of course. So what are you working on now? Because I've been seeing your Instagram, and I've been peeking a little bit of your Instagram stories. And I feel like you're also now in a new kind of curation of what you're doing. It feels like some new stuff that you're experimenting with. Like, could you share a little bit more?

Marianne Ro 6:54
Yeah, sure. So um, what my plan says that a pandemic is started, it was having the exhibition this year, then then then I got pregnant. Congratulations, thank you. And then I had my baby. And obviously I don't have the time that I used to have before I was working 10 hours a day, let alone Allah now my hours or five hours a day for sometimes. So I work with a little bit of slow but I then I have some ideas. I want to mix this technique of the jumping things with a glue jaren and glue on the wood panel. But I also want to create volume and textures with different types of yarns and threads. So for that I took occur occurs where this was this artist. Her name is Maria Nava by I think that's how it's pronounced by our two. She's from Peru. And she makes tapestries super interesting tapestries with a color scheme, beautiful color schemes. And I learned how to do latch hooking and locker. The same look very cool. So what I do is like great, I want to make tapestries, no tapestries. I just want to put this volume on the wood panel mixed with the jumping things. So I this is the first time I want to show the the first portrait I'm working on. I don't know how gorgeous. So this is. This is just a jar on the panels very blue. What I want to do with the other techniques is make all the volume and the hair right here with flowers. I don't know how it's gonna look because I've never planted I have just like I go with the flow. Like a small sketch. And then yeah, basically my sketches out Wow, so that's it. yeah, I never I never make it in color. I never do it in color, just with pencil. And then like, just like in front of my panel. I'm like, Okay, this color will be good. Yeah, that's it. I never made anything in color before.

Kelly Bennett 9:21
That is really cool. Thank you for showing the behind the scenes because I know so many people find that interesting. I know I find that interesting. And just hearing your process and hearing you know how you sketch and how that becomes a real life product. It's just really cool. Thank you. You're welcome. So what else do you have because I know you also do ceramics and I know that you were also working on some jewelry. So yes, I know coming along. So um,

Marianne Ro 9:49
my jewelry work. I'm going to start think make less and less jewelry work because I want to work in bigger pieces. So these are The new I have this little pre pendant that is so well. So I made this because I was shocked by the documentary cspc I was really shocked, because I'm going through that decision of going, you know, vegan vegetarian. And yeah, I'm reducing my intake of meat for sure. And I make this because I really love whales. I really love the ocean. And I love seafood. Okay, so when it washes a comentary, I'm like, Oh my god, so I'm not doing anything. I'm just cooling the ocean. So I am also doing the same with with fish. Like I'm not eating fish that much anymore. So little by little I'm going through that process is too. So I'm the 50% of sales of all this. pendants are going good funds going to cspc Oh, incredible. Yeah. So if anybody wants to do a little bit, they can just go to my website, and they're in my jewelry. My jewelry site. I love it. Is it all under the same website? Yeah. Yeah. And you can go to my iPhone and check this website. And there it is.

Kelly Bennett 11:29
I love it. What do you excited the most about creating this year?

Marianne Ro 11:34
My paintings, the new textile work for sure.

Kelly Bennett 11:38
I love it. I love it. Thanks for giving us that Sneak Peek too!

Marianne Ro 11:41
Yeah, I'm very, very happy. As I told you before, I've never know how they're gonna look when I finished them. But once I can see like, oh, wow, this is this is working. And the last piece I show you the portrait is my first portrait with Darren pink but which are. And he was it was such a challenge. I can imagine the color gradient on the face. He was I was somehow like, Okay, I think I can I can't do it. This is not happening. But I didn't want to keep up. So I try it a try. And I try I try because they would think about this technique is that you can just remove the john is glue, but you can remove it. It takes a while. But right.

Kelly Bennett 12:26
But it's applicable that you can edit if you need to. Yeah, well, it's absolutely gorgeous. I'm so happy we got to catch up. I appreciate you sharing behind your brand. And just the cool products that you're working on. Seriously, you inspire me so much. Um, how can someone I know you mentioned your website, but what is your website? And what can people shop right now?

Marianne Ro 12:51
Oh, so my website is You can find my friends john paintings. Well, I only have two available, the original ones. But I have the brains of the rest of my yarn paintings, my jewelry. And I also have this new, cute instance holders. How cute i love that. This is a little one. This is this is the head of when I say this is the lyric complicated in English, but is the head of a shoulder squiggly dog, which is a Mexican breed dog. And it's it was actually the first dog and Mexico is from the Aztec culture. So we still have these dogs and they're very sacred and Mexico. And it's funny because they don't have fur. Really, like bold. And I never seen dogs like like the shoulder sprinkler in Mexico and they're very creative, beautiful. When I show my, for the first time to a picture of this doctor, my husband, he was like, why he doesn't have the floor. Yeah. Because this is special breathe. And it's very, very interesting and the story behind the doctor. So I wanted to make something that represents also my culture through this type of things I'm making now. I love it.

Kelly Bennett 14:19
I love it. Thank you so much. And just thank you for spending this time with me and everyone who's watching live. Thank you so much. I truly, truly appreciate you.

Marianne Ro 14:29
Thank you, Kelly. You're welcome. I'll see you later. Have a good day you Bye bye.

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