Behind the small business of Ooh La La Vegan

Aug 21, 2021

Loved this interview with Brianna, the founder of Ooh La La Vegan! Learn about their line of vegan sauces, inspiration behind the brand, how it started, and big vision for the future! Also, Brianna shares helpful affirmations for fellow small business owners to keep going.

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Hi everyone, its Kelly Bennett. Today I am going to interview a cool brand that I recently connected with. And I wanted to hear more about the small business and what's behind the scenes and how I got started. So the business is called La La vegan, based in Las Vegas. And I love the name, I thought that was super cute. And I'm going to talk to the founder and hear how this came. So my passion for startups and small businesses run steep, but especially at the intersection of vegan food. That's how I got started. That was how I started learning about social media and creating a blog and all the things so I'm really excited about this interview. I'm just going to wait one more moment till we connect. Okay. All right. One more minute. Also to thank you again, for all the love my small business incubator and launch received yesterday. It was so cool seeing so many people comment and share and cheer me on and message for more details. It's so cool. This literally has been a dream of mine for so many years. And I'll be honest, I was really scared to do it. I was like, Am I really ready. You know, self doubt imposter syndrome, all of the above, we still go through it when we step outside our comfort zone. But after posting that yesterday, and starting to fill up the small business incubator, it just feels so right and so much of the next chapter that I'm building, even though it's really scary, and I am nervous, like literally my hands were sweating when I was posting it, but it just feels so so good. So I wanted to say thank you so much for all the love and support. Okay, I'm just waiting for LA vegan to join the live. Yay. And thank you so much for all the hearts and love. I really appreciate it. Also too, I'm going to be shifting up my content to really dive more into small business. I talk a lot about brand, I talk about products. But I really want to show more of a holistic view of running a small business and how to get started and what does that look like? Because I know that feeling of being so overwhelmed with small business, there's so many different elements, you're wearing all the hats. So stay tuned, I'm going to have a lot more content and I'm switching out my podcast a little bit. And yeah, so stay tuned. Okay, so Lola vegan is on let me add them. Okay. Here you are. How are you? Hello, I'm good. How are you? I'm doing really well. I'm so excited to talk with you today and hear more behind the scenes of your small business. I love the name also. It's so cute. Thank you. Yeah. I love it. So before we dive too much tonight, can you give us a little intro of who you are and a little intro of your small business?

Brianna Lawnya 3:26
I sure can. So I am Brianna Lawnya a vegan chef, and I'm a clothing designer as well. Breanna collection is out now. Um, I have been vegan for three years now. And I love it. I'm expanding into educating people doing cooking lessons or cooking classes. So I am just all about changing and growing our vegan community. I love it.

Kelly Bennett 3:55
I love it. So when did you start shifting that passion for vegan food into a small business?

Brianna Lawnya 4:03
Um, well, I became vegan in 2018. And I didn't have any foods that I really was in love with. I didn't have anything that I was like, Oh my gosh, I have to eat this all the time. So I just created foods for myself. Honestly, I just wanted something that was tasty. That was still healthy. So that's how it just expanded to me opening up a business because I'm like, well if I'm not an I'm a vegan and I don't really like too many foods. I wonder how many vegans that is out there or people that just want to eat something that's healthy. That is tasty. It's not even I was surrounded by vegan, just healthy, tasty food, honestly. So it just expanded for me to just wanting to taste something. I was good. I was healthy. And then I just started shooting out my food and everyone's like, Oh my gosh, I love this and I'm like yes, vegan.

Kelly Bennett 5:00
So you test it out. So you tested out the idea on yourself initially just out of a need and a curiosity. And then you shared it with your friends and family to get feedback. People were loving it, and then you're like, Okay, I think I got something here. And then that's how you started your small business. I love that. That to me is like the ideal scenario of how to create a small business. That is so cool. Yeah. Yeah. So what is different about your food? Like how would you describe it that you know was missing that you just didn't see in the market?

Brianna Lawnya 5:34
I think it's just so awful. I think my food it comes from love. It's very, it's not all about just okay, this is vegan. I just want it to be vegan. I want it to taste and be flavorful. I think that's what sets me apart. I'm focused on the flavor of the food because you're not going to get a wrong chicken and just eat it. You're gonna buy some herbs. So that's my main thing, just flavor. Case. Tasty. No matter what. Roasted brussel sprouts, or my fried mushrooms. I just want it to be tasty. Like, let's make your vegetables tastes like something just like you would your meat. Totally.

Kelly Bennett 6:16
So when did you start your small business? Like what is this timeline?

Brianna Lawnya 6:22
Um, we opened up we were created in Atlanta, Georgia. Oh, and we opened up in 2019. And now we are expanding just to be bigger. And not just a small business. Now we're just trying to open up a market, a grocery store market, a grocery store. Yeah, we want it because we want us to be more accessible. Now that I'm in the industry. And I'm in it. I see that is so many vegans that I mean, it's not that many restaurants or grocery stores, it's fine. It's there. But you want us to be more. I definitely want to just expand and get more people into it. Because if it's more accessible to people, people will be more open to Okay, well, I'll try it cuz it's totally one store that's all across the street, on the other side of the street, you're not gonna really want to go there, you're going to it's going to be something people think it's expensive, or it's very unique. So I definitely want to just close that bridge, and just expand it more. That's really cool. So where are you located now? So we're both kitchens, so we don't actually have a stand place. We just deliver and ship. Cool. So where do you ship to?

Brianna Lawnya 7:50
We ship all around the world. Yeah, we're shipping all around the world. If you are in Georgia, Chicago, Jersey, everywhere. We're shipping. We ship our sauces, our recipe sheets, and then we ship our first questions. That is so cool. I

Kelly Bennett 8:10
didn't realize that you were national and international. That's amazing. So give us a little bit of what are the products that you're selling right now.

Brianna Lawnya 8:19
So I am selling sauces. We have bought six sauce, flavors, honey mustard, Big Daddy sauce, those pepper, la sauce and sweet jerk BBQ. And then we have a sweet orange chili sauce. And then we have in there all vegan, all organic, all plant based. And then we have our fresh pressed juice, which is called a ray of sunshine. It is pineapples, oranges and ginger. So it's like we're transitioning to do healing justice as well because juices, juicing and juices are very good. So we're swimming into that. And then we have our recipe sheets. Oh, that's cool. Yeah, it's just a recipe sheet of your directions. You get your grocery list. And then you have directions on the back was pictures and words. And then you can meet the chef at the bottom. So yeah, so Were you the one

Kelly Bennett 9:19
curating all of this or do you also then work with different chefs to?

Brianna Lawnya 9:25
I'm right now is me curating everything. Creating it all. And I do a show every Sunday that I invite chefs on to we do a vegan cooking show. So

Kelly Bennett 9:37
yes, destiny.

Brianna Lawnya 9:39
Yes. I was really shocked. Yeah, she's super dope. Super Amazing. Well, I was just on her live. Yeah, black bear society. So yeah, we're definitely just trying to expand and get out into the community more.

Kelly Bennett 9:52
That's incredible. So the vision is to build the to have the product line Mark says also open up stores. Yes, yes, that's really, really cool.

Brianna Lawnya 10:07
And then we want to do the cooking classes as well. We want to teach people how to cook the hen or what's everything, we're helping you from the grocery store, on to the end of the recipe, we give you aggressive grocery lists, you get recipe sheets, and then you'll get a video. So we try to help you everything and it's virtually so anyone that's awesome. To get a classroom. That is awesome. And then also to you said, you have a clothing line. Yes, I do I make my own clothing is called around my collection, cool seamstress, and it's out now it's called blaze the summer.

Kelly Bennett 10:46
I love it. So how do you organize? being a human running this company and having a clothing line? I'm always so curious, because I think small business owners entrepreneurs are just another level of organizing, because we literally have to wear all the hats and do all the things. So especially when I talk with someone who has multiple businesses, I'm always so curious of how you're doing it. So what are your secrets? What can you share with us,

Brianna Lawnya 11:16
um, I would say just do it, don't stop, it's gonna be wrong, or it's gonna be things in the world that's gonna come up, just keep going. If you don't know that, things that's gonna come up, but you know, your end destination. So just keep focusing on your end goal, things are gonna come up, for sure things are gonna happen, and you got to keep going, you really just got to keep going. And even if you don't feel like it, or you do feel like it, do it. Yeah, if you only do things, when you feel like it, it's only gonna, you know, it's not gonna really help you grow slowly. So what

Kelly Bennett 11:56
is your motivation? Like? Why are you Why do you want to have the clothing line have the vegan product line? Like, what is your personal motivation to keep going,

Brianna Lawnya 12:06
um, my personal motivation would be to be the difference and be the change, I really feel as vegans, and just eating better for your body is very, if we need to know about this, because I didn't know, I didn't know that. It was like I didn't know I didn't know this day. So I think it's very important to tell people the knowledge behind it. So I think that is my main motivation. And what the clothes I love, I've always loved clothes. So I just thought it will be unique that I make my own clothes. Absolutely is so just, I like to just design and I love. I love clothing. So that was the that was my motivation. I just loved it.

Kelly Bennett 12:56
I really appreciate that. And also to I'm always so here is how do you stay feeling inspired and creative, because this is something that comes up a lot for creative entrepreneurs, people who are makers, artists, um, you know, it's a lot of output, you know, and then it's a lot of doing stuff that isn't necessarily your favorite thing to do. And it can get very draining very quickly. So I would love to hear like, how do you keep yourself feeling recharged and just feeling creative and feeling in that groove.

Brianna Lawnya 13:26
Um, I like to go outside of nature. I love to meditate. And positive affirmations stay positive and stay high on everything that you're watching that you're being connected with energy that you're around, you have to be cognizant of it. So I think that's very important to stay positive, because things are going to happen. But you got to just stay focused and stay positive. So that's something that I definitely do just affirmations every morning and have a good morning routine, just this Yeah, highlight and jump start chirping

Kelly Bennett 14:04
that's so true. And that's something that I believe in as well. And I can feel the difference when I'm not really doing it. I'm like rolling out of bed when I open looking on my phone and I'm like, oh, why do I feel kind of zapped and like Kelly because you didn't prepare yourself for the morning. So I appreciate you saying that. Is there any affirmations that you can share with us or just one that you would say like for someone who is also a small business owner and is managing wearing all the hats and like maybe it's having one of those days and they're like what the hell am I doing? Is there an affirmation that you could share with us?

Brianna Lawnya 14:41
I'm so affirmation I'd love to just say to myself is I am enough everything that I need is within me. Everything that I am is with me. Everything that I need is within me and just set savings. I always wake up even before I get out of bed. Five things That you're grateful for that will hot that will put you on a high because you're like, Oh, I have all these things I'm grateful for is someone out there that may have less than you. So be grateful for the things I think saying what you're grateful for and just reassuring yourself that everything inside you is what you need. You don't need.

Kelly Bennett 15:20
I love that. I love that so much. And that is very, relative to just like my morning thought today of you know, I started a I launched my small business incubator yesterday. And when Yeah, and whenever you launch something new, you know, you go through the feelings, you're like, Oh my god, you know, monster syndrome, and like, Oh, my feelings. And today I was like, No, I have everything I need to make this successful and to grow it and to support more small businesses. And that was the conclusion I came to today. So thank you for sharing that. Because that was also a sign that that's an affirmation I need to keep working on.

Brianna Lawnya 16:01
Yeah, yeah, we definitely have to keep reassuring ourselves that I am enough like I have it. And whatever is for me is gonna be it's gonna come to me. Yes, I love that. Thank you so much. I appreciate you. Shop your small business. So you can contact us on Instagram Levine, or Our phone number is 833-328-0032 or you can go to our website, la vegan calm. And um, you can find us on there just contact us on Instagram or our phone number, our Facebook la vegan LLC on Facebook or Twitter, la vegan underscore M. And I'll tell you that. Awesome.

Kelly Bennett 16:52
Thank you so much. Congratulations and keep me posted with all the growth. Thank you so much and good luck to you watching yours. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I will absolutely well thank you everyone for tuning in and watching. I love small business owners and this was a great conversation to have

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