why i love brand experience

on this episode of THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast we talk about brand experience. we LOVEEE talking brand experience! this episode is all about just that. as a small business owner, creative director, or local pop-up shop it's key to consider how you want people to experience your brand as a whole.

brand experience is the "feeling" of a brand, from merchandising to social media to events, how does your brand tell it's story and message? we chat in depth about touch points (our favorite phrase!) and how you can better refine your brand to get clear on it's overall purpose/message.

so what does your brand feel like?

listen to THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast - episode 6 - we love brand experience

photo by @brittanylo_photo

photo by @brittanylo_photo

here's your homework assignment: write down every part of your brand someone engages with and what is your ideal brand experience. let me know what comes up!