about kelly

photo by @brittanylo_photo

photo by @brittanylo_photo

hey! i’m kelly.

i talk about lifestyle, brands, and culture; and often the intersection of all three.

as a human being, i seek to make responsible choices in my daily lifestyle. from the food i eat, clothing i buy, products i use, where i live, to the content i consume; i love curating a lifestyle that is impact driven. as a brand director, i study market trends, estimate demand, create brand strategies, awareness, activations, to curate brand experience, making brand extensions, and cultivating community rooted in brands. and i am most curious about the impact cultural shifts has on brands, consumer demand, politics, media, tech, art, communities, and the economy.

now, i am a native new yorker living in downtown las vegas, where i am a brand director, speaker, workshop teacher, soon-to-be author, airstream dweller, and aspiring home cook.

i have a weekly podcast coming soon called ‘hey, let’s talk about it’ with kelly bennett. i am passionate about talking about all the things to cultivate progressive change. stoked to talk to you more!

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for brand partnerships, interviews, events, workshops, and other cool things, email withkellybennett@gmail.com