my creative process

exploring, understanding, and being consistent with your creative process is incredibly powerful in business.

on this episode of THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast learning what your creative process is and how you work is key for all creative people, business owners, you name it! but, what is more important is knowing that all creatives have a unique and different creative process.

we dive into our own processes and explore why they work for us individually (and you guessed it...they work well for us as a team too!). we encourage you to write some ideas down, let the universe know about your ideas and plans, and enjoy the process.

listen to THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast - episode 14 - our creative process

photo by @brittanylo_photo

photo by @brittanylo_photo

i wanna hear about you think about this episode!

how-to stay motivated

are you in a funk?! i actually go through times when i feel low motivation to do the work i love. ashley and i get a lot of questions about "how do you stay motivated, when you're not feeling it?" and we wanted to address just how we do it...anddd it starts with lists!

on this episode of THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast we each share five things that help us stay motivated and hopefully it may help you too.

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photo by @brittanylo_photo

photo by @brittanylo_photo

wanna hear from you! what keeps you motivated?

when i spoke at Facebook small business event

funny story. probably the coolest opportunity i’ve had in business, i almost missed.

facebook emailed and CALLED me. yeah, facebook. the facebook. reached out to me to speak at their small business event coming to las vegas. i thought *for sure* it was a scam and kept deleting the messages. thankfully they were persistant… and i realized it was real. whew!

so, i spoke at the Facebook small business event about how i used social media to build brand awareness, create content, and curate brand experience for VegeNation. here’s a clip of what i said to what makes VegeNation’s content engaging.

overall my message was simple. document, live and work aligned with your ethics, be a kind person on and offline, engage with your community and keep showing up. basically, the ethos of all my work. check it out!

when shit hits the fan

shit happens. and sometimes a lot of shit happens.

on this episode of THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast we are talking all about those not so fun instances when shit hits the fan (and we really mean it). we explore the few times we each experienced some shit-hits-the-fan moments and discuss how we overcame and grew stronger.

our tip of the week: don't be afraid to ask for help.

listen to THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast - episode 17 - when sh*t hits the fan

photo by @brittanylo_photo

photo by @brittanylo_photo

wanna hear how you got out of the shit!

my blogging journey

from my first blog to ashley’s photographing the homeless of santa cruz we both have our fair share of blogging adventures. we both started blogs in 2011 and have incorporated creative content into our businesses.

on this episode of THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast we share our blogging journeys and what made the biggest impacts.

listen to THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast - episode 18 - our blogging journeys

photo by @brittanylo_photo

photo by @brittanylo_photo

do you have a blog?! i wanna read it!

when things don't come together

wanna hear real talk about when things don’t come together about an event you worked hard on?! listen to THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast - episode 19 - when things don't come together. sometimes you just need to hear that you’re not alone. i got you.

photo by @brittanylo_photo

photo by @brittanylo_photo

talking with brianna fox-priest

i’m stoked to have an awesome podcast producer (and friend) who is from the east coast and loves creating cool things in downtown las vegas. brianna fox-priest is the founder of the Socialista Podcast (side note: i was on her podcast, here’s my episode) and THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast producer. we talk shop about the creative community in las vegas and how Brianna found herself in the middle of it.

listen to this episode of THE WORKSHOP downtown with brianna fox-priest. hear how we started her business, took a leap, and how she’s cultivating creativity. it’s an awesome interview!



how-to deal with marketing fatigue

feeling burt out with marketing?! i feel you.

on this episode of THE WORKSHOP downtown podcast we discuss what to do when you experience marketing fatigue. as small business owners we are expected to be online all the time and maintain our social presence, but that can be tiring. it's important to find balance and take a break for your own wellness.

ask yourself why you are doing what you do. after a refresh it's easier to come back strong full of ideas that will get you excited.

listen to episode 21 - how to deal with marketing fatigue

photo by @brittanylo_photo

photo by @brittanylo_photo

what are you doing to feel better?

my new podcast coming this winter!

hey friend!

i’m so stoked to tell you that my new solo podcast will be launching this winter. it’s all the things i’ve had on my mind, that i’ve been talking over the years about on social media, and now, i’ll have a more space to talk about it and be the root of all my content. here’s the premious of the show…


hey! i’m kelly.

i talk about lifestyle, brands, and culture; and often the intersection of all three.

as a human being, i seek to make responsible choices in my daily lifestyle. from the food i eat, clothing i buy, products i use, where i live, to the content i consume; i love curating a lifestyle that feels damn good. as a brand director, i study market trends, estimate demand, creating brand strategy, awareness, curate brand experience, making brand extensions, and cultivating community rooted in brands. and, i am curious about the impact cultural shifts has on tech, media, art, politics, brands, consumer demand, communities, and the economy.

i am passionate about talking about it all to make progressive change.

now, i live in downtown las vegas, where i am a brand director, speaker, workshop teacher, soon-to-be author, airstream dweller, and aspiring home cook.

i have a weekly podcast coming soon called ‘hey, let’s talk about it’ with kelly bennett. stoked to talk to you more!

sounds cool?! sign up for my email list to be the first to know when it launches (and i’ll be doing something awesome for my first few listeners : )